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Looking for a Talent Partner to support your people strategy? 

Talenttify helps you ATTRACT the right talent in challenging markets and ELEVATE your capabilities to thrive in your career. 

We aim to connect talent and culture and inspire leaders to take action and achieve success. 

At the head and heart of


At the head and heart of


I have a passion for people. I partner with organisations in their search for the best talent in global markets and connect with people in their pursue of a corporate culture that makes them thrive. I enjoy engaging candidates and hiring managers in a positive and meaningful experience, as much as coaching leaders to inspire others and build a better version of themselves.

I am fascinated by how cultural diversity enriches organisations and communities. I was born and raised in Spain, went to school in France and the United Kingdom, lived and worked in the United States for 7 years, across Florida, Washington, DC and Texas, took some time off my career for a round the world adventure, and left a little piece of my heart while volunteering at a children’s home in Tanzania with my young daughters Maite and Julia. Traveling and moving to new places pushes me out of my confort zone and broadens my perspective on life. I just love it!

A mix of Corporate and Consulting background throughout 20+ years has impacted every piece of my customer partnership mindset. I am an ICF Certified Leadership Coach by Georgetown University, speak native Spanish and fluent English and French and hold a degree in Psychology & Human Resources.

After a career in HR Consulting, I joined the Talent Center of Excellence for a global company, leading an exciting people & culture transformation process, until a new expat assignment from Spain to the United States brought me to start my current practice as Talent Partner, aiming to connect talent & organisations, support people growth and build bridges across cultures.

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Leyre Varela
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Talent Acquisition

Talenttify supports your talent acquisition strategy and helps you align your needs with the market offer.

From sourcing, attracting, engaging and assessing potential candidates through their hiring and on boarding.

No matter what level within the organisation, any role can be critical for you.

Searching for talent in a different culture? Across borders, Talenttify builds the bridge between your organisation and your target talent market.

Global reach


We connect you with the right talent in your target market.


We understand your needs and what thrives in your culture.


We partner with you, end to end, today and tomorrow.


Training, Development & Career Coaching

Talenttify supports leaders and individual contributors to become a better version of themselves, by customising development programs tailored to your needs.

From training workshops designed within your developmental framework, to assessment centers to help you understand performance capabilities, improvement areas and motivators and call for action.

Looking to make the most of your talents? Talenttify provides coaching programs based on your strengths and passions, prepares you for career and networking opportunities, and guides you in your decision making process.


We facilitate high impact workshops that resonate with your teams.


We assess strengths, challenges & motivators towards development goals.

Career Coaching

Prepare for success. Find a better version of yourself. Go shine.

“Where your talent and the needs of the world cross,
there lies your vocation”

What to expect when you work with

What to expect when you work with


I sense your company culture & values to understand what truly matters to you. I commit to your goals. I partner with you and your business end to end until we succeed together.


Values make sense when they lead to success. However you define success. I remain strongly committed to your objectives until your expectations are met, and hopefully exceeded!


Values make sense when they lead to success. However you define success. I remain strongly committed to your objectives until your expectations are met, and hopefully exceeded!



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